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How Compassion for Self-Healing Evolved

My journey with sensing human energy and spirit started as a very young child. As I grew and experienced more, I realized that some of the energies, static or human were not always good or kind, but those experiences always made me want to learn more. 

There were no books for me to reference, no one to ask for fear of looking crazy, 

this wasn't something they taught in school or church.

I took to hiding everything I was feeling, sometimes physically hiding in my closet just asking for safety from things I couldn't understand. If I was in a group of people, I would just observe and sit with the energy coming off everyone. I would quietly watch and try to feel how different each one was. I have always wondered if this is why I earned the nickname 'mouse'. Even if people were outwardly happy, I could feel a conflict of energetic pain in my heart like there was more to it. For some, the empathy they feel for others is so immense they can take it onto themselves. I could feel the energy like I knew what they were going through, their story, whether blissful or sad was all there, even the moment of death has a signature.

Some extremely life changing experiences would be the caveat for how I learned to recognize that trusting what my intuition told me about the energy coming off of another person was much more important than the words that were being spoken, or what logic tries to tell you to believe.

It is in the times we don't listen when we can experience consequences with devastating results.

After decades of searching, reading and learning along the way, I met great teachers, some Holistic, some were family members, friends, random strangers, but none so great as my own two children.

They came out fearless and limitless, they taught me to not be afraid of what I was feeling but to embrace it like they did. When my children were between 3-5 years old, I had an Angel intuitive tell me "they have their feet firmly planted on the other side, you should listen and learn from them and that you will have to teach them earth safety" EARTH SAFETY? 

Okay, sure....and so started my journey.

I learned very quickly after that why it is easier for parents to tell children that they are just "seeing things" or that "monsters don't exist...."

My children made me more aware not to relive old patterns, to be accountable to myself and everyone around me, to my feelings, and to my own path that I had long forgotten as a child.

They always followed their intuition, spoke up when they had some new story to share, sometimes they were stories of their amazing battles in past lives or when they saw "their friends from the purple mountains" or they just wanted to know "WHY?" I would have to find out why, and when I didn't have the answers the universe would put amazing people in my path to teach me. The biggest message that resonated with me is that we all exude a very specific energy signature, that is why, even if you encounter someone you have never met before they can seem familiar because you have come across this type of energy before, good or bad.

Throughout the past 20 years I sought out and achieved various certification in numerous holistic modalities, but none of them taught me as much about human energy than the discipline of simply listening and observing the diverse range of people I have had the energetic experience of meeting.

My goal is to bring awareness to the meaning of being compassionate to others and, most importantly, ourselves. No matter what the circumstance, upbringing, or background, there is always a way to find the right tools to start the process of healing.

My belief is that we are our own healers, no one can do the work of your soul for you, 

so, this is why I teach

Compassion for Self-Healing.


Teresa Haspeck

Reiki Master/Teacher, Etheric Intuitive

Over 23 years as a Holistic Practitioner with a lifetime of experience


All holistic treatments are by appt only | 780 934 4333 

Photographs courtesy of Dr. Randy Crowell and Teresa Haspeck         

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