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22 Days of Choice 

I will be focusing on different types of transition, personal spiritual gifts, the shadow and light self, vibrational attitude and acceptance of life events and experiences. 

I will share some of the things that have helped me grow and evolve during my 20 years of energy work and being of service to others. 

Life is not always an easy or perfect journey but that’s what makes it special and worth taking. 

Day 1

As above so below...

Your subconscious is always listening so what you tell yourself becomes your reality.

If it is filled with deceit, negative narratives and hiding from the truth then that is all you will experience.

If you fill your life with positivity, powerful words of loving compassion for yourself your reality will be that and your true self will shine through into your life and towards others.

These 22 days of choice have allowed me to shift into a new way of living and a more powerful sense of who the I AM is within me.

It has strengthened the connection with my higher self and the guidance I receive which is in all of us if we listen and trust.

Now when I make choices I will ask myself this wonderful quote I found about decluttering your life;

“Does it serve its purpose to serve its purpose” 🙏

#truth #positivity #compassion #compassionforselfhealing #selfhealing #listen #powerful #iam #purpose #trust #22daysofchoice

Day 2

I choose today and always to focus on the positive. It doesn’t mean things don’t go wrong or the past hurts didn’t happen it just means I can find a path to healing by letting myself feel without letting negativity rule.

Experiences can be positive or negative but they each have valuable lessons or messages that we can take from them if you allow yourself to feel them.

Don’t be afraid if they are painful or scary just meet them with courage and be open to see what path they are leading you down then release any pain through clear understanding. This takes a lot of practice but it is possible. 🙏

#positivity #healing #believe #lessons #messages #courage #understanding #practice #22daysofchoicee

Day 3

Today I chose to focus on the immune system by adding more citrus and antioxidants to my day.

I infused my water, tea, juice and food with Reiki energy holding the intention that it is of the highest vibration and would aid in keeping my immune system strong and healthy.

Intention is everything.🙏🏻

#immunesystem #antioxidants #water #reiki #reikienergy #highvibrational #strong #healthy #intention #22daysofchoice

Day 4

Today I choose to focus on energy frequency. What we give off energetically creates ripples that can affect people around us in a positive or negative way.

If we become more self aware and accountable for how we feel, act and respond we create more positive energy and outcomes as well as lessen any negative effects our energy has on others and ourselves. 🙏🦋

#energy #frequency #creation #positivity #selfawareness #accountability #positiveenergy #positiveoutcomes #22daysofchoice

Day 5

Today I chose to stay very heart centered. Caring for yourself and how you feel about everything in your life needs constant maintenance so it’s incredibly important to make time to be silent and open to listening to your body and energy.

We process and accept, or deflect and deny experiences through our heart center so tuning in and listening is the way to create space between how we react to things that can affect us positively or negatively. 🙏

It was a beautiful sign today when I was collecting fall leaves to find one that reminded me again I was on the right path. Do you see the ❤️

#heart #heartcentered #selfcare #selflove #listening #body #energy #accept #create #beautiful #life #experiences #signs #spiritual #spiritualsigns #higherself #22daysofchoice

Day 6

Today I chose a perfect alternative to a big meal, a wedge salad with avocado, tomato, goat cheese and sun-dried tomato dressing. Changing some things aren’t always fun but you don’t have to starve in the process. So grateful for healthy fresh food for the body and mind.🙏

#avacado #tomato #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #grateful #bodyandmind #22daysofchoice

Day 7

Today I chose to focus on raising my vibration as I went throughout my day.

I find water is a perfect way to do this, it not only is a great way to release but if you follow the movement of waves or let it support you while swimming it raises your vibration just by being completely connected to it.

#water #raiseyourvibration #release #connection #22daysofchoice

Day 8

Today I chose to work outside and take in the elements. I am always amazed at how therapeutic nature is and I pay attention to the universal signs that are there.

Everyone can see the same sky but depending on our perception and openness to signs we can miss what’s right in front of us.

No matter how busy our lives get always remember it only takes a moment to look up to feel connected and see something amazing. 🙏🦋

#outside #elements #nature #universe #sky #signs #connection #amazing #amazingview #22daysofchoice

Day 9

Today I chose to focus on deep reflection following such a powerful Full Moon.

For many the effects can resonate days before and after so it is really important to recognize what affects us physically.

This one was especially hard on my mind, physically and mentally in the form of a migraine. I went within to where the pain was and asked my higher self to help my body raise the vibration to get out of the physical pain. Along with the love of my family, lots of water, sun and keeping focused I am grateful to be feeling myself again.

I believe we are our own healers, and no matter what we struggle with it is our choice how we deal with it.

#deepreflection #mind #body #vibration #self #selfreflection #selflove #selfcare #water #sunlight #focus #health #grateful #22daysofchoice

Day 10

Todays Full Harvest Moon focuses on independence and freedom so I chose to infuse my water with the intention that I stand in my power and have a strong sense of self. 🙏🦋

#fullmoon #harvestmoon #independent #independence #freedom #intention #standinmypower #strong #sense #senseofself #22daysofchoice

Day 11

Today was many layers of learning so I chose to use the elements to help me stay focused. I always start by feeling the power and heat of the sun. I see myself being cleared and charged by it, letting any tension and static energy be transformed into a lighter higher vibration. Water is another great conduit for releasing by just holding that intention while washing your hands, doing dishes or showering. Intention is everything.

#sun #water #intention #learning #elements #highervibration #releasing #power #22daysofchoice

Day 12

Today I chose to feed my body and mind lemon water for cleansing mango for digestion/absorption and blueberries for a healthy immune system.

With the full moon approaching it is an important time to pay attention to our sensitivities and what affects us mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Food sensitivities are manageable if you adjust what you put in your body. Energetic sensitivities are different everyone can feel them but they are usually dismissed as a physical ailment or discomfort.

if we learn the connection between how our energy is affected by our emotions and, how that affects us physically, we would be more mindful of the celestial events, places, people and situations we experience.

#mind #body #lemonwater #cleansing #mango #blueberries #immune #fullmoon #connection #celestial #places #people #experience #love #compassion #22daysofchoice

Day 13

Today I choose to focus on grounding and the root chakra. The Muladhara is the 1st chakra located at the base of the spine. To me it is so important to focus on grounding ourselves each day as we wake up. This will set the tone for your day, it helps you to connect to the earth and stand in your own strength.

In this moment do you feel like your in control of your life and emotions or do you feel like your a blade of grass in the wind being pushed and pulled and everything else is in control...

I ground by not only walking on the earth outside but I also take a moment to check in with myself and feel my feet

I visualize growing large powerful roots out of the bottom of my feet, down into the earth to the core and imagine a large crystal (choose the first one that comes to mind) and wrap the roots around it. Now I am connected to Mother Earth consciously and I am held by the power of it carries me through the day/week.

Today I fill my body with red beautiful antioxidants and the gold flax seed is for conscious choices all day.

#muladhara #chakra #chakras #rootchakra #grounding #roots #motherearth #mothernature #strength #crystals #antioxidants #consciousness #22daysofchoice

I am choosing to stay with the energy body today and focus on the Manipura (Solar plexus) the 3rd chakra and the Svadhishthana (Sacral) the 2nd chakra. 

The solar plex chakra is where our personal power resides, our self esteem, self worth, feeling deserving and the power of transformation. Always face the things that make you feel lack or negativity in these areas and see that they are just energy that needs to be transformed into a powerful positive. 

The Sacral chakra is where we hold our power when it comes to our passion for ourselves, for others, our sexuality, creativity and money. All of which are energy that can be shifted and changed.  

Day 14

This Sunday I choose time for myself. It is a good day for reflection and grounding and being in a state of reconnection with what recharges you.

For me this will be resting the body, giving myself time to be outside even if it’s only for a few minutes. I sit and appreciate what’s around me, every leaf, blade of grass, the sounds around me and most importantly I allow myself to feel everything. That is connection...🙏

#reflection #reconnection #grounding #recharge #appreciate #nature #elements #grass #leaves #sound #22daysofchoicee

The Anahata (Heart Chakra) is the 4th energy centre which is where we feel and express love, it is a bridge between the upper and lower chakras and it is where we process acceptance and love or fear and anger.

It is so important to maintain a clear heart chakra which we can do by being mindful of how we are feeling in certain situations. If we feel tightness, stress and pain when receiving information it means we are not accepting it. But if we can process the same information through love and acceptance we feel happiness, joy, and completely content with the outcome.

Self love can sometimes feel like an unattainable state but with kindness, patience, and surrounding yourself with the right people and things you enjoy can bring about the change you need.

We were all born perfect and we remain that way if we are not compared to anything, so see yourself as the unique beautiful soul you are! 🙏❤️

I choose green healthful foods to aid in clearing any negativity or blocks and infuse it with the intention of self love, care and compassion to help heal the heart chakra. 🙏

#anahata #throatchakra #chakra #acceptance #selflove #selfcare #love #joy #joy #kindness #compassion #22daysofchoice

#chakra #vishuddha #throatchakra #innertruth #expression #air #oxygen #exhale #gratitude #22daysofchoice

Day 15

Today I am continuing to focus on the energy body. The Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) is the 5th chakra which is our ability to speak and be heard, expressing our inner truth and how we perceive others speaking to us.

This chakra is light blue and I struggled to find any healthy foods this color so I use the elements available to all of us.

On a beautiful clear day I will go outside and l just breath in the oxygen rich sky seeing any tension or stuck energy exhaling into the air and being carried away with gratitude. 🙏

#chakra #vishuddha #throatchakra #innertruth #expression #air #oxygen #exhale #gratitude #22daysofchoice

I choose to focus today on the energy body and each chakra. The Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) is the 7th chakra and considered the point of connection between the earth body, the universe and higher self soul body. It is where we open ourselves to the higher states of being or consciousness and we embrace the gift of gratitude for this life we have been given. 🙏

The 6th chakra is Ajna (Brow chakra) your inner vision, insight, clarity and future sight. We may experience past lives, lucid dreams and a sense of knowing beyond explanation.

When I do readings I am shown pictures in my minds eye which I relay the messages for unfiltered.

I am so grateful for the gifts I have, healthful food helps these grow stronger and more clear each day. 🙏

#chakras #healthylifestyle #crownchakra #sahasrara #thirdeyechakra #ajna #mindseye #sight #innerwisdom #gratitude #clarity #future #futuresight #pastlives #luciddreams #grateful #stronger #22daysofchoice

Day 16

Today I choose to feed the energy body. It’s so important to remember that without energetic health we cannot have physical health, so we need higher vibrational food to assist in that change.

Throughout the day I will post foods I am choosing for each of my chakras. Make time today with gratitude to drink some sunlight and breathe fresh air to expel any stress of the day. 🙏

#chakrahealing #chakrabalancing #chakraalignment #chakrahealth #gratitude #energy #energybody #breath #breatheinbreatheout #sun #air #22daysofchoice 

Day 17


Everyday is different, today was met with familiar voices needing a friend.

I will always choose being there for someone over social media because it is our human connection that makes us feel whole and that we are all here for each other no matter what.

So be easy on yourself if your days don’t go as planned, sometimes it’s necessary in order to take you in the direction you need to go.

I chose to stay with my pineapple mango shake with protein and greens.

On my way home I was grateful to see such beauty as the day comes to an end...🙏

#beauty #friendship #spirit #humanconnection #sunset #grateful 

#listen #energybody #energyfood #grateful #appreciation #journey #blessed #22daysofchoice

Today’s shake I chose to focus on digestion and absorption so I have added mango and pineapple.

With each day my energy gets lighter, my body is sore but I finally feel changes and I have passed the point of having cravings and feeling physically stuck.

Today pick music that gives you goosebumps to listen to, that is your souls vibration. 🙏

#goodfood #mango #pineapple #light #music #higherconsciousness #22daysofchoice

Creating the energy level you want to feel comes from what you surround yourself with and how you command the energy to be. I choose to light candles and incense and surround myself with light energy crystals. I will lightly tap my singing bowl to raise the energy in my house and studio. Creating these practices for yourself helps it become a lifestyle instead of an option. 🙏

#energy #candles #incense #crystals #creatingchange #lifestyle #22daysofchoice

Day 18


I am choosing to make the day about listening to the body. I made the warm water and lemon (still getting used to it) and I can tell my stomach is grateful to not feel pain from foods that are not healthy. I took my glass outside and found the sun brilliant and strong so it was perfect to charge my water with!

I am so blessed with how many people reached out to me yesterday appreciating this journey and being part of it, so I will put more detail into the process and bring you through my day of energetic health 🙏

#listen #energybody #energyfood #grateful #appreciation #journey #blessed #22daysofchoice

Day 19


I started the day choosing lemon water I let sit in the sun and charged with reiki so that I can absorb higher vibrational energy.

Now for a healthy shake that one of my Mentors shared with me and it is mind and body changing shake. This will be the only thing I will have for about 4 hours other than water. It’s best and most effective if taken along side healthy choices that exclude sugar and what I like to call any white death foods. They are so yummy but so bad for the body. This helps to feed the body protein and the mind clarity.

Yes it takes will power and it’s hard in the first few days but since Friday I have already lost 5 lbs. My brother in law Randy Crowell told me something once that really stuck with me, he said What you tell the mind the body will follow” it was something like that but it is helping these days seem easier so I am grateful for that! 🙏💕

Message me if you would like the full recipe 🦋

#sun #reikienergy #mindandbody #grateful #family #selflove #highervibration #22daysofchoice

Day 20


Today I am choosing to start with gratitude. 🦋

A beautiful new life was brought into this world today and now I am proudly also known as Teresa Massi Maa (Aunt who is like Mother) ❤️to this beautiful little soul. (I will share more of her when her Mother is home and gives me permission to share her earth angel with the world). 🙏

I am choosing to start with a clean body again by adding warm water and lemon to my daily health. I will have it in one of my crystal bottles (rose quartz for self love). I will drink it no matter what it tastes like and welcome the benefits of it.

#gratitude #blessed #earthangel #love #massimaa #family #water #clearyourmind #22daysofchoice

Day 21


Why 22 days? Because it is said that it takes 21 days to create change and new habits. So knowing that I like to color outside the lines and push myself so I choose 22.

We all come to a point where dark meets light and we have a choice to make. If we choose high vibrational thoughts, foods, people and let our environment reflect the same then it is easy to stay in the light.

But those are just words...I will show you how they become action.

And yes I will talk about the dark because we all struggle with it and we all have to face it at some point. My Mentor and friend Dawn Degros said to me “we have walked through the darkness, that’s how we know the light” 🙏❤️ words that have always given me strength when I needed it.

#22daysofchoice #light #strength #mentor #teacher #loveofself #actionsteps

Day 22

It is said Practice makes the Master...


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Photographs courtesy of Dr. Randy Crowell and Teresa Haspeck         

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